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How To Plant Your
Giant Sunflower Seeds

1. Put the soil discs into a bucket and add water

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2. Fill the pot supplied almost to the top with the soil


Make 3 holes with your finger , spaced apart, so that each plant will have room to grow

Pop one seed into each hole and cover back over with some soil, then give a little water, gently with a watering can

Place the pot on a window cill or near the light indoors and water when you feel the soil is dry [make sure you have the saucer underneath!]

Big Sunflower

After 1-2 weeks you should see your plants growing nicely and you can put the pot outside

Once your plants are established, they will need to be transferred to a bigger pot or planted in your garden. Use a bamboo cane as a stake to help the plant grown and stand up straight 

Don't forget to post photos online using the hashtag #sunflowerchallenge2022

Thank you for buying your Sunflower growing kit.  For every kit sold, we will donate £1 to The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal

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